2023 Sports event schedules, draws and information


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Event schedule and times


Athletics (Nga Puna Wai)
- We ask participants who are competing in athletics to be ready at the venue ready to compete by 1330. This will allow the events to run to time and prevent delays getting to the next sports.
- The mens mile will be the first to start at 1330 and the relays will follow on after.
- Car parking inside the venue and will be held at the athletics track

Basketball (Pioneer Stadium)
- ~8min drive from the athletics track
- First games start at 2pm
- Teams will be expected to do bench duty and may need to ref. Whistles will be available to use.

Outdoor netball (Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o te Whānau Tahi - school next to Pioneer Stadium)
- First game starts at 2pm
- We have bibs for contingents to use
- Note all games are outside Pioneer at the school (someone form Canterbury can show you as difficult to explain where) EXCEPT the semis and finals which are on the inside courts at Pioneer Stadium.

Badminton (Zhu Badminton Centre)
- Due to the number of entries you can see this runs from Friday to Monday!
- If participants are unable to play due to clashes as previously discussed, please contact the sport controller to let their opponent know ASAP.
- The stadium manager has asked to make sure participants have non marking sole shoes to play in
- First game starts at 2pm
- For those that prepaid for lunches these will be available at the event

Touch (Centennial Park- park next to Pioneer Stadium)
- One game only on the Friday at 5pm Auckland v Auckland

Indoor Football (Sporting Edge)
- There is the final to be played at 8.30pm (not included on the draw)

Tennis (Wilding Park)   Women   Men    Mixed
- Sorry the controller is still updating the draw but shouldn't affect anyone on the day unless they are playing indoor football, in which case they will have to play either or as clashes can not be accommodated for
- Starts at 6pm-10pm
- For those that prepaid for a dinner pack these will be available at the event

Volleyball (Cashmere High School)
- Unfortunately Canterbury have had to withdraw a Social Mixed Team at the last minute.
- Please note that there have been changes to most days - so contingents will need all teams to review the draw carefully.
- We have reviewed and attempted to accommodate for most clashes, most specifically Badminton.